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12 X12 floor plan              click for larger view.

The 12'X12' Cabin with a 6' porch is a favorite of most campgrounds as well as the family that enjoys the cozy  feeling of four solid log wall between them and the weather.

14 X14 floor plan                click for larger view.

Roomier than a 12' x 12', but still as  comfortable.  Two double beds fit well, leaving room for a table and chairs with more room for other amenities.

16 x 20 Floor Plan             click for larger view.

This cabin features a bathroom with a full sized tub, it is wonderful as a  romantic getaway or big enough  for a group.

Please note: This is only a sample, there are more floor plans available, custom designs welcome. also we can add 1/2, 3/4, or full baths to most of our cabins. Kitchens can be put in the larger cabins. Just give us a call on what you would like and we can put together a price quote for you.


Date last modified:  03/27/2008